Research has shown that Korea’s representative food, kimchi, can prevent memory loss due to aging. It is caused by beneficial bacteria in kimchi.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina in the United States have found that the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG) found in kimchi may be the key to preventing memory loss in old age, British daily Mail reported.

“Improved cognitive function was associated with changes in the gut microbiome, a mix of bacteria found in the digestive system,” said the researchers. “These changes coincided with improvements in cognitive scores, suggesting that older adults’ brain health may be improved by taking LGG.”

The researchers divided 169 participants between the ages of 52 and 75 into a group with mild cognitive impairment and a healthy group, took LGG and a placebo, and analyzed the participants’ gut bacteria.

The analysis found that people with mild cognitive impairment improved their cognitive scores after consuming LGG for 3 months. In addition, participants with mild cognitive impairment were found to have higher levels of bacteria called Prevotella in their intestines than participants with normal cognitive function. Besides kimchi, LGG is also found in yogurt, Parmesan cheese, and sauerkraut.

“Although many studies have focused on severe forms of cognitive disorders such as dementia, it is still difficult to reverse or treat these damaging conditions,” said the researchers. We expect that,” he added.