As the scorching heat and strong ultraviolet rays continued, eye health also took an emergency. In particular, in summer, high temperature and humidity are a good environment for viruses to live in, so you need to pay special attention to eye health.
contagious viral conjunctivitis

You can often find people who get ‘viral conjunctivitis’ after visiting a swimming pool or water park that they often visit during vacation. Commonly called eye disease, it is highly contagious and causes infection through direct contact with the eye secretions of patients or through swimming pool water. In the beginning, it starts with congestion in one eye, and symptoms such as eye mucus, eyelid edema, tearing, and foreign body sensation appear, and after a few days, the same symptoms often occur in the other eye.

In order to prevent conjunctivitis, it is important to thoroughly manage personal hygiene in daily life. Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your eyes as much as possible, and avoid wearing contact lenses when possible, as the risk of infection increases if you wear contact lenses.

Dry eye syndrome caused by air conditioning

Dry eye syndrome is a disease in which tears are insufficient and dry, resulting in various symptoms such as sore eyes, stiffness, and fatigue. This occurs when there are few eye blinks while using a smartphone, but dry eye syndrome may be aggravated by low humidity when a fan or air conditioner is continuously blown.

Therefore, it is recommended to ventilate the indoor air to control the humidity, and it is recommended not to use a fan or air conditioner that evaporates tears directly along with proper hydration, and it is also recommended to use artificial tears when you feel very dry.