Winter Workouts That Don’t Want To Move, 5 Ways To Motivate

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When the cold wind starts to blow, it becomes difficult to even get out of bed in the morning, let alone exercise. Winter is the season when you want to be lazy. However, if you want to be healthy, you need to get up and exercise. ‘CNN-News18’ introduced tips to help you exercise even a little in the cold season.

1. Stretch indoors first.

Before going out to exercise, do some light stretching indoors and warm-up exercises such as jumping in place or jumping with arms wide open. Warming up before exercise increases blood flow to muscles and joints and reduces the risk of injury. If you don’t feel like going out for a workout right away, just moving your body lightly inside the house can make you feel a bit urged to exercise.

2. Find someone to exercise with

Having someone to exercise with is one of the best ways to motivate. Exercising is more fun than doing it alone, and you are more likely to not skip exercise.

3. Adjust exercise time

Adjust exercise time flexibly. Exercising in the morning during the summer doesn’t necessarily have to be the case in the winter. If you move your workout time to the afternoon, or if you can’t find time, you can do a short workout at lunchtime.

However, once you find the best time to exercise, try to stick to it every day.

4. Set goals

Setting goals will increase your motivation to exercise to achieve them.

Set goals and work hard to achieve them.

5. Dress appropriately for the activity

Usually, when exercising in summer, wear sweat-wicking cotton clothes. However, in winter, cotton clothing is not suitable because clothing can become cold if it absorbs sweat. When exercising in winter, it is better to wear clothes made of cotton blends or synthetic fibers that absorb less sweat than cotton.

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