What Happens If You Drink Bottled Water In The Morning And Eat It Until Dinner?

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Buying and drinking bottled water has become a daily routine. How should I drink this bottled water? Few people know that sharing water in a plastic bottle several times can breed bacteria.

According to the Korea Water Resources Corporation experiment, there was only one bacteria per mL of water immediately after opening the PET bottle cap, but after taking a sip from the bottle, the number of bacteria increased to 900. A day later, when measured again, the number of bacteria had increased to 40,000 per ml. This is because the nutrients in the saliva are mixed with the water and the bacteria actively multiply.

If the number of bacteria per mL of water exceeds 100, the water is not drinkable from then on. It is stated in the ‘Rules on Water Quality Standards and Inspections for Drinking Water’ by the Ministry of Environment. Bacterial-rich water can cause food poisoning, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and enteritis.

To prevent bacterial growth, drink bottled water from the cup without touching your mouth. If you drink it with your mouth, it’s best to drink it all at once. Do not drink in multiple portions. Realistically, it is not easy to drink a whole bottle of water. After all, it is safe to drink without mouth.

Also, the water after one day of opening the lid should be discarded. Drinking only water and reusing leftover PET bottles should also be avoided.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recommends that PET bottles be used only for one-time use as much as possible because the entrance is narrow, making it difficult to clean and there is a possibility of microbial contamination.

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